American Roulette

Sociable and simple to play, Roulette is loved the world over by serious gamers and beginners alike. There’s little wonder why it’s the classic casino game. Here’s how to play.

Pick your table
Spend some time checking out the different Roulette tables, as each will have a sign showing the minimum bet required to play. Find the one that best matches your betting level and take a seat.

To get your coloured playing chips, put your money on the table and ask the dealer, “colour please”. They’ll then give you your own colour chips so they won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s on the table.

Decide on your strategy
You can now choose to play in all kinds of ways. Some people put their chips on a single number, while others prefer to bet on a whole section of numbers. Many beginners place bets based on family birthdays and lucky numbers, or you could decide to keep it simple by choosing either red or black. Some people even cover a certain section of the wheel, hoping the ball will drop there.

Everyone has their own strategy, so find one that makes you feel lucky.

It’s game on!

Once your bets are placed – you may need to reach across the table or ask the dealer to place these bets for you – the dealer will spin the wheel and soon say “final bets please”. That’s your last chance to place your chips.

There are 37 numbers on the wheel (0-36). Eighteen are coloured red, 18 coloured black and number zero is coloured green. The ball will drop into one of these numbers, and if you have a winning bet, you’ll be paid the odds shown on the table below.

The dealer pays most winning bets in colour chips so you can continue playing. However, if you win big, or are lucky enough to build up a big stack of chips, the dealer might ask if you want cash chips instead.

When you’ve had enough playing and want to leave the table, it’s time to ‘cash out’. That’s as simple as asking the dealer to change your colour chips back into cash chips. All you do then is take these to the Cash Desk and change them back to money, ready to play again or hit the bar to celebrate!

Good Luck!

Winning Odds

When the ball lands on a number the croupier will place a ‘Marker’ on the winning number. If you are a lucky winner the croupier will pay the following odds:

  • Any single number (Straight up) Pays 35-1
  • Any two numbers (Split) Pays 17-1
  • Any three numbers (Street) Pays 11-1
  • Any four numbers (Corner) Pays 8-1
  • Any six numbers (Six Lines) Pays 5-1
  • Columns and Dozen Pays 2-1
  • Red or Black, High or Low, Odd or Even Pays Even Money

If zero is spun, all outside even money bets are halved and returned to the player.