3 Card Draw Poker

The poker game that gives you the opportunity to draw a card

Three Card Draw Poker is an exciting and fast-paced game played live against a dealer. And with so many winning hand combinations there’s no wonder it’s so popular. Here’s how to play.

Pick your table
Take your time and check out the different Poker tables, each will have a sign showing the minimum bet required to play. Find the one that best suits your betting level and take a seat. To get your playing chips, put your money on the table. The dealer will exchange it for cash chips and you’re good to go.

There are three ways to play Three Card Draw Poker – Double Shot Bonus, Ante/Stand/Draw

Playing the ‘Ante’ ‘Stand/Draw

To start the game, you need to place your bet in the ‘Ante’ circle on the table. You will then be dealt three cards face down and the dealer will also receive three cards. Once you’ve looked at your cards you can decide whether to ‘play’ ‘fold’ or ‘draw’ a card.

If you ‘fold’ just push your cards, face down, towards the dealer and you’ll lose your ‘Ante’ and ‘Double Shot Bonus’ bet if placed. If you have any of the winning card combinations that you think may beat the dealer’s hand, you can choose to play against the dealer by placing a bet in the ‘Stand/Draw’ box on the table. Make sure this is equal to your ‘Ante’ bet. If you decide to draw a card, you will still need to make a bet in the Stand/Draw box on the table (equal to the Ante bet) and indicate to the dealer that you wish to exchange one of your original three cards for a new one. Just push the card that you want to exchange face down towards the dealer and he will remove it and deal you a fresh new card. No peeking! The new card will be revealed once all decisions have been made at the table and the dealer has made their hand. Can you handle the suspense!

Dealer Hand

Once all decisions have been made by the players, the dealer will reveal their own three cards and make the best possible three card poker hand per standard three card poker rankings represented from lowest to highest: If the dealer does not have at least a pair or better with their initial three cards, the dealer will draw another card to make the best possible hand.

 The Dealer’s hand always qualifies! Even if the dealer does not make at least a pair after drawing a card, the hand will open with the highest card!

Playing the Double Shot Bonus

The ‘Double Shot Bonus’ is a bet that you that place in the circle provided at the table before any cards are dealt. This bet pays odds when the players initial 3 card strength is a pair or higher.

No pair in the hand? No problem! Place a bet in the Stand/Draw box and exchange one of your initial 3 cards with the dealer. You could still be in for a win!

Double Shot Ante Bonus

If you have a Mini Royal (A,K,Q suited) Straight Flush, Three of a Kind or a Straight, you’ll also receive a ‘Double Shot Ante Bonus’. This pays with odds, even if the dealer’s hand wins.’ Please look out for the odds posted at the table.

Time to celebrate!

If you’re a winner all you have to do to is ‘cash-in’ your chips and visit the Cash Desk, then get celebrating!